America's First College - Henricus in Virginia - a.d. 1619

The purpose of this web log, or "blog", is an outreach educational effort of the Henricus Colledge 1619 (R) - America's First College - to show and share information about the Virginia Company Charter of anno domini 1606 under King James I of England (King James VI of Scotland), and the second settlement, the Citie of Henricus of a.d. 1611, and America's first college, designed to teach the native inhabitants of this God blessed land about the God of our Grand Founding Fathers, Jesus Christ.

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Wednesday, April 05, 2006

1st Hospital - Henricus - Mount Malady

America's First College,
the First Hospital
(was it America's
First Medical School, too?)

Many maladies were apparent in the settlers who arrived in Virginia after the long trans-Atlantic crossing. The Mount Malady Hospital was a place to recover from the voyage before challenging and taming the frontier, and sharing their Christian faith with the native inhabitants of Virginia, the purpose of the Virginia Company, for "propagating the Christian religion...".


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