America's First College - Henricus in Virginia - a.d. 1619

The purpose of this web log, or "blog", is an outreach educational effort of the Henricus Colledge 1619 (R) - America's First College - to show and share information about the Virginia Company Charter of anno domini 1606 under King James I of England (King James VI of Scotland), and the second settlement, the Citie of Henricus of a.d. 1611, and America's first college, designed to teach the native inhabitants of this God blessed land about the God of our Grand Founding Fathers, Jesus Christ.

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Monday, April 10, 2006

America's Grand Founding celebrated by First College.US

The 400th Anniversary of American Civilization was celebrated on 10 April anno domini 2006 at the Citie of Henricus Historical Park in Chesterfield, Virginia.

The visionary of the 400th Anniversary Celebration of American Civilization is the Chancellor of Henricus Colledge, 1619 (R), Steven C. Smith.

The "Seed of Truth" one page flyer shown here provides a collage of the colledge or college ceremonies.

If you click on the image, it will be enlarged, and depending on the power of your vision, or your glasses, you can read some of the text of the main Henricus College website that is like a library of little known knowledge about the true seeds of American History that sprouted and grew into the nation we know today.


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